Mitch Is Back In The Studio

After taking a break to regroup, Mitch has started going through his back catalogue looking for songs to record for an upcoming release. He's been writing more too. 

So what's the plan? What's in the hopper? What is it we're working on?

Well. Frankly 2016 was a frustrating year in the sense that some things that were supposed to get finished, didn't.

Ever notice in here how it says Mitch is a multi-instrumentalist? That has turned into the current focus. 

Plus Mitch is enlisting the help of a few family members and friends to get some new music released. Quality before quantity though. It has to be done right. And that takes time and money.

Look for some new and re-releases along with some t-shirts and other items for sale soon. Every dollar we raise goes towards the costs of releasing new music.

Mitch Ross is a Canadian songwriter, guitar player, multi-instrumentalist and producer. Photo features an Ibanez Montage MSC700NT A/E Hybrid Cutaway Acoustic Electric Guitar and a Peavey VYPYR VIP 3 100W 1x12 Guitar Modeling Combo Amp

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Mitch Ross is a Canadian songwriter, musician and producer.