Going Through The Archives

Earlier in 2017, Adam Walli was able to digitize individual tracks from music Mitch wrote, and the two of them recorded together in 1989 and 1990. 

Mitch was really excited about this as most of the tracks he recorded in other small studios back then is gone forever. Recordings were lost or destroyed either through mishandling or unforeseen events. 

Mitch had previous versions of the work he did with Adam, but they were old tapes, and were final mixes the way things were done then. These new digitized tracks let Mitch clean up tracks for today's digital age. After all, tape hiss and MP3s do not go together very well.

It also gives him a chance to remaster the tracks, punch and punch them up a bit. The goal is to not re-record anything. What you'll hear will be the original tracks. 

We're pretty excited about that.

So stay tuned.


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Mitch Ross is a Canadian songwriter, musician and producer.